Congratulations on being cast in Grease!! We had a great turnout and are excited to work with you all.

Here are a few things to note:
1. You may pick up your script with Mr. D’Aquino anytime before or after holiday break

2. There will be a mandatory meeting on Sat. Jan. 13th, 10am-1pm
a. A parent/guardian and cast member are required.
b. Please notify director if have any questions about this requirement (

3. If you are double cast, you will be ensemble when not in lead role.

4. You will start getting emails and Remind App requests over the holiday break. Please make sure to reply to the first email that you received it so we can build a cast list with proper email addresses.

CAST LIST IS AS FOLLOWS. Click HERE for a printable copy

Character Fri/Sat performances Sun performances
Sandy Shiloh Bryant Savannah Young
Rizzo Cassie Sampley
Marty Alina Aguirre
Frenchy Emma Andranian Tesia Winley
Jan Kelly Kaplan Abby Watson
Danny Ryan Guidotti Dominic Cuneo
Kenickie William Haden
Doody Nate Hall Ryan Guidotti
Roger Shane Christensen
Sonny Raymond Pontanillo
Miss Lynch Jade Mendoza
Vince Fontaine/Ensemble Salen Stuart
Johnny Casino/Ensemble Julie Eyerman
Teen Angel/Ensemble Avalon Baltera
Patty Simcox Lila Singley
Eugene Parker Milligan
Cha-Cha/Cheerleader Nicki Sharp Syanne Mendoza
Male Ensemble Giancarlo Maurici
Male Ensemble Quinn Monahan
Male Ensemble Alex Chen
Male Ensemble
Male Ensemble
Female Ensemble Maggie Dufresne
Female Ens./Cheerleader Libby Larner
Female Ensemble Lauren McCracken
Female Ensemble Habiba Zakaria
Female Ens./Gambler Lina Benjelloun
Female Ensemble Summer Baltera
Female Ensemble Isabella Lauritzen
Female Ensemble Jazmine Martinez
Female Ensemble Leslie Alcala
Female Ensemble Sydney Anne
Female Ens./Gambler Cassie Macdonell
Female Ensemble Kat Lynch
Female Ens./Gambler Anna Grozdanov

-MON., TUES., WEDS., THURS., 3:30-6:30pm or 4:30-7pm (only 2-3 days) AND


-SAT., 9am-4pm (only 3-4 hour sessions, 9-12pm, 10-1pm or 1-4pm)

-We will rehearse during President’s Recess, as needed (Feb 19-24)

-We will rehearse during Spring Break, as needed (April 16-20)

-Cast members will only be called to rehearsals as required by the role


-You will be required to attend ALL tech week rehearsals and performances

-If you know of any conflicts, please let the director know on your audition form. He will attempt to work around conflicts, if known in advance.

-Tech (2 weeks) will begin Saturday April 14th

-Performances will be: April 27th, 28th, 29th, May 4th, 5th, 6th, 2018


Director – Stephen Reifenstein

Vocal director – Mr. Ledón

Choreographer – Kristina Reifenstein

Producer – Mr. D’Aquino