The aim of the Newport Harbor High School Drama Department and Theatre Program is to provide academic and artistic opportunities for students within its district as a component of their scholarly and social growth as high school students.

Through the department’s three guiding principles:

  • Academic alignment and implementation of the International Baccalaureate Theatre (IB Theatre) program, and State’s Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) standards
  • Artistic inclusiveness by embracing ethnic, gender, and lifestyle diversity, and
  • Fiscal responsibility in the pursuit and development of the NHHS stage productions

NHHS’s Drama Department stakeholders will:

  • Incorporate student participation in each production through as many Visual and Performing Arts departments and entities as a way of expanding the artistic experience for its students
  • Incorporate International Baccalaureate scholarly components within department productions and student-based artistic ventures
  • Invite diverse students and student groups to create works for public presentation in the NHHS Black Box Theater
  • Seek out plays and musicals that provide alternative community voices an opportunity to be presented and embraced by the NHHS community
  • Create a program that can financially sustain itself over the course of time without the reliance upon donations from its student participants’ parents, and
  • Provide opportunities for NHHS drama students to envision, research, budget, and produce within established fiscal guidelines

Although the strategies for accomplishing these principles and objectives will be based on the personality and make-up of each year’s group; the pursuit of an IB/VAPA-based academic and artistic experience, intellectual stimulation and growth through inclusiveness of culture, gender and lifestyle ideas to be shared with its students, and maintaining fiscal awareness and responsibility will continue to stand as a beacon of the Drama Department’s focus.